Don't Buy It! Become an Ad Expert

Some commercials make us laugh and some make us hungry. But there’s one thing all commercials try to do: get you to spend your money. How do they do it? Here are a few tricks advertisers use:

1. Use a celebrity
Did you know that celebrities get paid to star in commercials? When a celebrity appears in an ad it’s called an endorsement. Advertisers believe that if a popular celebrity endorses their product, people will think the product is cool and will want to buy it.

*Ad expert tip: Don’t buy something just because your favorite celebrity is in the commercial.

2. Use popular music
Have you ever heard your favorite song in a commercial? Advertisers hope that if you hear a song you like, you’ll buy their product.

*Ad expert tip: If you want to hear music you like, tune into your radio, not a TV commercial.

3. Stretch the Truth
Some ads exaggerate the truth to make products look more exciting. For example, an ad may show a toy car that turns you into a NASCAR racer. Is it real? Sounds cool, but it’s not reality.

*Ad expert tip: When you see an ad that seems amazing, ask yourself: Is it real or make-believe?

Once you learn to recognize these advertising tricks, you’ll be on your way to becoming an ad expert. It’s the sure-fire way to make sure you’re not tricked into spending your money.

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