Dr. Spendit

Attention M3 Kids ... we’ve just learned that Dr. Spendit has set “sneaky sales traps” at malls everywhere. His plan is to trick you into spending your cash. Be on the lookout for these Spendit tricks next time you go shopping:

Hey, Where’d The Windows Go?
Stores without many windows make you forget about how much time you spend shopping (because you can’t see when it gets dark). The longer you stay inside a store, the more money you might spend.

M3 hint: Set a time limit when you shop and bring a watch.

OMG, Look At All The Sales!
Stores put items on sale for one reason: to get you to spend money on stuff you didn’t plan to buy.

M3 hint: Always make a list of what you need BEFORE you shop and stick to it.

But It’s Only .99 Cents.
The trickiest trick of them all happens when you’re waiting in line to buy something. Aisles near the cash register are usually loaded with cheap stuff. Stores hope that you’ll pick up something that doesn’t cost too much money and buy it without thinking.

M3 hint: Don’t buy stuff you don’t need—even if it’s cheap and looks yummy!

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