How to Turn a Wish into a Goal (by making a plan)

Fine-Tune Your Super Saving Powers

Many wishes cost money. You may wish you had a new bike or a cool new video game. Here’s the good news: your wishes can come true with a little bit of planning and saving.

When you think about it, wishes are like goals—you know, things you want to do. The best way to reach a goal is to make a plan and stick to it. It’s easy. Try this:

1. Write down your Goal (example: you wish you had a new bike that costs $150)
Your Goal: $_______________

2. Write down how much money you can save each week
Weekly Savings: $______________

3. Divide your “Goal” by your “Weekly Savings.” This will tell you how many weeks it will take to save and reach your goal. If you want to reach your goal sooner, save more money each week.

Here’s an Example:

Goal          Weekly Savings          # of Weeks
$150                    $10                          15

In this example, we’ll have enough money to buy a bike in 15 weeks.

And what’s the best way to save your money? By depositing it into your credit union M3 Savings Account. Not only will you save your money safely, but you’ll earn more money.

Mission Accomplished: Your wishes will come true!

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