Saving Energy = Saving Money

Did you know that every month your family spends money to pay for things like water and electricity? These are called Utilities. Every time a light gets turned on or your lawn is watered, the cost is added to a Utility Bill.

When it comes to saving energy, no one does it better than M3 kids! That’s right, you can make a big difference in how much money your family spends.

Operation: Lights Out
It takes a lot of energy to light up a room. If you’re the last one out, turn off the lights.

The Power Down Offensive
Electronics like TVs, computers and video games also eat up energy. When you’re done, hit the “Off” switch.

Stop the Drop Ops
Whenever you use a water faucet be sure to turn it off all the way. Even little drips can add up.

Code Name: Keep it Cool
Don’t hold the refrigerator door open too long. Valuable (and expensive) energy escapes every time the door is opened.

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