Things to Do at Your Credit Union

What can you do at your credit union? Just about anything having to do with money.

Save Your Money
Are you still saving your money in a piggy bank or under your bed? That’s so second grade! If you want to keep your money where you’re little brother or sister can’t find it, try your credit union savings account. Not only will your money be safe, but you’ll also earn interest — that’s free money we pay you for saving with us!

Meet Cool People
You probably won’t meet your favorite singer at the Credit Union, but we have some pretty nice people working here. And they’re happy to help you with anything you need (well, except your homework).

Learn About Money
If you have questions about money — like how to make it, spend it or save it — we can help. We’re money experts and we can make you money smart in no time. Just click on the M3 training button above and we'll teach you eveything you need to know about money.

Withdraw Money
Many people come into the credit union everyday to get cash from their accounts. Sure, if you have an ATM card you can always go to an ATM, but we’re here just in case you want to visit your money in person.

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