Three Scams to Avoid

1. "Get a FREE iPod ... just pay shipping charges!"

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This scam tricks you into paying shipping charges for something you'll never receive. Instead of a brand new iPod, all you’ll be left with is an empty wallet.

2. "You may already be a winner!"

Con artists like to fool people into thinking they won a contest. What's the catch? They'll say you can't collect your prize unless you send money or provide a credit card number. The bad news is there is no prize and you'll never see your money again.

3. "There's a problem with your account."

Some scammers may try to steal your account number. One way is to pretend they have important information about your account. Stay safe and never open email or accept a chat request from strangers, and never give out personal information.

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