Super Cool Ways To Earn Money

Most people earn money by working everyday at a job. Police officers, doctors, teachers, executives, scientists, cooks—they all get paid to do a job.

For kids, it’s not always easy to find a job. Here are a few things you can do to make a few extra bucks over the summer:

Yard Work.
Offer to cut grass, trim hedges and weed gardens for neighbors who don’t have time to do it themselves.

Garage Sale.
Collect the old toys, books and clothes you no longer use, and put them up for sale in your front yard.

Birthday party DJ.
Do you have cool music on your iPod or laptop? Offer to provide the music for birthday parties.

Lemonade stand.
Kids have been selling lemonade for years. Ice cold lemonade is perfect to sell on hot summer days.

Search your neighborhood for cans, bottles and newspapers. Have an adult drive you to the recycling center to collect your cash.

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