Operation: Money Manager (AKA= Save Smart. Spend Smart. Give Smart.)

What do you do when you get money? A good idea is to create three different jars and divide your money into each jar. You can also use piggy banks, shoe boxes or anything else that will help you divide your money! Here’s how it works:

  • The first jar is called Operation M3: SAVE
    This jar is used to save your money for the future. Don’t forget, you can also save your money in your credit union account.
  • The second jar is called Operation M3: SPEND
    This is money you can spend anytime. Don’t forget to ask mom and dad first!
  • The third jar is called Operation M3: GIVE
    This is money you can use to help others. It can be for a charity, a church donation or some other way to make a difference.

Once you divide your money into these three jars, you’ll know exactly what to do with your cash.

M3 Cadet Tip:
Talk to your parents and decide how much you should put in your jars.

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