Operation: Measure Your Money (AKA- Which Way Does Your Cash Flow?)

Attention M3 Cadets! Cash and Violet are trying to count the world’s cash flow. They’re using The Mega-Money Measure Machine—but it broke! Now it’s up to you to help.

Cash flow refers to how much money you have. Here’s how to figure out yours (you'll need a pencil and paper):

1) Count money coming in
This includes allowance and birthday money. It might also be cash you earned from working. Write down money coming in this week: _________ (Hint: if you’re not sure, ask your parents)

2) Count money going out
Add up the cash you spend on toys, candy—anything you pay for yourself. Write down money going out: ______

3) Compare the numbers
Is the number you wrote on line 2 bigger than line 1? If so, you have negative cash flow. You now have a choice: make more or spend less money!
If your cash flow is positive, way to go!

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