Outsmarting Kids Commercials

Dolls wearing short skirts and make-up! Gory video games! Fatty, sugary rainbow-colored snack food! Kids watching television are assaulted with unhealthy commercial images. How do you help them get past the ‘bling’ and develop an investigators instinct about commercials. Well, become an ad executive, of course!

Loud commercials lose their magic appeal when you and your child turn detective and look at all the different elements. Turn off the TV and ask questions like, “Do you think that toy car really shoots fire?” “How do you think it really works?” Help your child become a mini-advertising executive by creating his/her own commercials!

Direct your future Spielberg to look at ordinary household objects. Build an advertising campaign around a mop, coffee table or toothbrush. Why is this product great? Who should buy it? Use a video camera or have your child stage a presentation when grandma comes to visit.

Television really can have a lot to offer and with a little creativity, the boob tube can be a fun learning experience!