Money-Smart Games for the Whole Family

Kids love games, so what better way to teach kids about money than with a classic family game? Not only do you get to spend quality time with your children, but you also have the opportunity to discuss some of the money concepts that may come up during the game. Here’s a quick list of some of the most popular board games that use money as a central theme:

Monopoly® (ages 8 +)
Monopoly has been entertaining families for generations, and is a great tool for teaching kids about the world of money. Kids love collecting play money through buying, renting and trading properties. This classic game has evolved in the past few years with the introduction of some new editions that appeal to kids and adults alike. Check out the Star Wars edition, Disney edition, and Batman Collector’s Edition. For younger kids (ages 5–8), there’s Monopoly Junior, Monopoly Junior Disney Princess Edition, and Monopoly Junior Shrek 2 Edition.

The Game of Life (ages 9+)
Kids love playing “grown-up” in this classic family game where players get married, have kids, and get to make choices that affect their financial life. They can choose to go to college, take out a student loan, and invest in the stock market. For a different spin on the classic game, try the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Check Edition. Younger kids will enjoy the Spongebob Squarepants Edition (for ages 7+), or the Simpsons Edition (for ages 8+).

Payday (ages 8+)
For a fun way to learn about bills, loans, and managing money, pick up Payday.  Players are given paychecks, and, at the end of the game, everyone must pay their bills, pay off loans, and see what’s left. The player with the most money wins. Your kids will learn that paydays never come fast enough, and that borrowing too much money can backfire in the end!

Pit (ages 7+)
Pit is a classic card game that teach commodities trading the fun way. Players trade cards to "corner the market" by collecting all of the cards of one commodity, such as barley, corn, or soy. Bullish traders must avoid the pitfalls of a bear market to win. Be warned, commodities trading is fast-paced and can get pretty loud with kids and adults yelling to attract trades, but it’s definitely fun for all.